High Pressure Pumps

e-SV Series

extra efficient:
The e-SV’s newly-designed hydraulics, combined with a high-effi ciency motor (IE2) deliver maximum efficiency.

Easy to Maintain:
The e-SV’s new design allows removal of the mechanical seal without having to remove the motor, reducing repair time by up to 50%. A standard DIN mechanical seal, wearing components, service tools and standard IEC motors enable faster and easier maintenance and servicing.

Energy Saving :
Pumps are among the largest users of industrial energy.

Do your part to reduce CO2 emissions and your impact on the environment - and improve your bottom line - by taking advantage of the new e-SV’s lower energy requirement. Use a new e-SV pump along with a variable speed drive such as Xylem’s Hydrovar®, and save even more energy and money.


Delivery:up to 160 m3/h

Power supply:three-phase and single-phase 50 and 60 Hz

Power:standard motors from 0.37 kW to 55 kW

Maximum operating pressure:PN25-40 for sizes 1-22SV; PN16, PN25, PN40 for sizes 33-125

Temperature of pumped liquid:-30°C to +120°C standard version / up to 150°C in “hot water design”


Insulation class:F

Combination :with Hydrovar® and other VFDs