Horizontal Pump Series

e-HM Pump Series

The best pump efficiency in the market

New hydraulic and IE3 motors: same performances with less power consumption

High reliability, 76 different models, 3 footprints across the world, 100% recyclable packaging

Almost silent, even when it’s working at its peak
High-efficiency hydraulics, motor and thick sheet metal pump body keep the noise level to a minimum.

Series 1532 Pumps

1. Self-flushing mechancal seals ensure maximum seal face lubrication, heat dissipation and debris removal without vulnerable, external flush tubing.
2. Back pull out design allows one service tech ease of maintenance.
3. Aluminium bronze shaft sleeve construction standard.
4. Enclosed, balanced empeller for quiet, vibration free performance.
5. Heavy duty cast oron volute construction for 175PSI working pressure.