Centrifugal electric pumps according to EN 733 (ex DIN 24255).Electric pumps with pump casing in cast iron and impeller in AISI 316* stainless steel, designed to pump hot, cold and moderately aggressive liquids.

Delivery : up to 700 m3/h
Head: up to 100 m
Power supply: three-phase and single-phase 50 and 60 Hz
Power: 0.25 kW to 132 kW
Maximum operating pressure:12 bar PN12 up to FH80 flanges PN16 for FH100,125,150
Temperature of pumped liquid:-20°C to +85°C (FH32 to 80) -30°C to +120°C (FH100 to 150)
Insulation class : F
Protection: IP55


extra efficient:
The e-SV’s newly-designed hydraulics, combined with a high-effi ciency motor (IE2) deliver maximum efficiency.

Easy to Maintain:
The e-SV’s new design allows removal of the mechanical seal without having to remove the motor, reducing repair time by up to 50%. A standard DIN mechanical seal, wearing components, service tools and standard IEC motors enable faster and easier maintenance and servicing.

Energy Saving :
Pumps are among the largest users of industrial energy.

Do your part to reduce CO2 emissions and your impact on the environment - and improve your bottom line - by taking advantage of the new e-SV’s lower energy requirement. Use a new e-SV pump along with a variable speed drive such as Xylem’s Hydrovar®, and save even more energy and money.

Series 1532 Pumps

1. Self-flushing mechancal seals ensure maximum seal face lubrication, heat dissipation and debris removal without vulnerable, external flush tubing.
2. Back pull out design allows one service tech ease of maintenance.
3. Aluminium bronze shaft sleeve construction standard.
4. Enclosed, balanced empeller for quiet, vibration free performance.
5. Heavy duty cast oron volute construction for 175PSI working pressure.